Disney’s Art of Animation Renovated Room Tour!

Nearly 8 years after it open, the Art of Animation Resort is getting some love! Yes, Disney crew has been hard at work at the Art of Animation Resort over the last year or so.

Lots of renovations and additions going on at Art, from the Lobby to the adding the Skyliner station.  From all the rooms to plans to renovated the Big Blue Pool later this year (Fall of 2020)! Art is getting some love and we couldn’t be more excited!

Recently, we got a look at the newly renovated Nemo Family Suites, Lion King Family Suites, and Little Mermaid Rooms.  So, let’s have a look:

First up, the Little Mermaid room at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

. The rooms will now have queen beds instead of doubles and hardwood flooring instead of carpeting! Also, the beds are the new style of bed at Disney, where there’s room underneath to store your suite case (and other items).  So even though the room it a little smaller with the queen bed upgrade (vs the double), that extra storage underneath the beds makes a huge difference!

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Next up, the family suites.  The family suites have had minor upgrades, such as removing the carpet, adding USB charging ports…and basically just making them look fresh and new!  Each room still sleeps 6, and has a “master” bedroom with one queen-size bed; one double-size TableBed; one double-size sleeper sofa; living room; 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette.

Here’s a look at the renovated Lion King Family Suite:

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And here’s the renovated Finding Nemo Family Suite:

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What do you think of the renovated rooms? Have you stayed at Art of Animation?  Plan to in the future?

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